Oh, great, another damn blogger

I fucked up pretty badly in life, so at my age, I’m a welfare fuck, living in subsidized housing in arguably one of Chicago’s worst neighborhoods.

The short walk from my free apartment is treacherous, people just wander aimlessly on the sidewalk like bad A.I. in a 1980’s 8 bit game. You get forced onto the grass or the street over and over and over again, and somehow you’re supposed to ghandi it up and just take this abuse up the ass like a good boy should.

The train station is one of the main hubs, so you can escape easily and go someplace good. Anyplace with a tasty cold pop and girls in yoga pants is good for me.

It’s gotta be diet pop because I got the Beetis now, I never liked sugar pop that much anyways. I have this disgusting habit of putting Crystal light packets in it, so say I create pomegranate Cherry Coke Zero with maybe some green apple, too. I’m onto something. Mint coke zero is good, too.

I miss Crystal Pepsi and Clear Tab. And Holiday Spice Pepsi.

For some reason lonely assholes, the deranged homeless and everybody else uses that train station as their one stop entertainment center and again it’s dodging people who simultaneously aren’t looking where they’re going and still managing to stumble in your way anyhow. One vile creature is named Tracy I think, and is always sunburnt, high and talking a few inches from somebody’s face.

Or there’s the signature collecting assholes.

I have been out after dark exactly three times since moving here, and I’m talking old people hours, like eight pm and dark and I’m feeling like I’m in a Xbox survival game called “Don’t get robbed, honky”. I figure if I could afford it, I’d take a cab if I were stuck out past that.

At this time of the month, it’s pretty much creative combinations of food pantry stuff and what’s left from LINK card purchases. So at least I can boil a whole chicken but no bread for sandwiches. Oatmeal with spoonfuls of peanut butter and splenda packets. I’m using dollar store spices plus some garam masala I splurged for and stinking up the whole building, I’m just dreaming of the burny curry farts now. It’s about an hour to go.

I boiled some beets and am trying to decide what to do with them, I think I have enough stuff for beet ketchup. Beets with beets, beet borscht, beet soup, beet chips….


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