adventures of a welfare fuck

Yesterday was an outstanding day for fucktarded food pantry tantrums, I first went to a place that you can go to four days a week, its not listed on the food depository finder page save for their soup kitchen.

Some old european asscock decided to shove a loudmouthed black dude jockeying for a place in line, because he wants first crack at the nearly spoiled produce, verge of mold bread and random shit like spiced chai diarrhea in a big bbq looking bottle. The asslick he shoved bellowed at the top of his lungs for twenty minutes about how it wasnt worth the night in jail and how the  european guy needs to go back where he came from.

When we got in the old guy prompted dropped the diarrhea chai bottle and tried to put the broken glass near the produce. The 200 year old ornery bitch who signs people up was abusive as always and especially ripped me a new asshole for just standing there, I almost called her out in her shit, that place is hardly worth going to and she needs to get called a cunt for once. It’s hard work to not want to burn bridges in intolerable but necessary situations. Why do these fuckholes have to be so vile!? Just stand in line, get your shit and go.

Later I went to the big church and as usual, more bad behavior from foreign fucks. They have a lottery system and despite coming for years, the fuckfaces still go stand in the cold hours early and have a tantrum about getting a number in the 100s.

“What ees thees? I going home! I wait long time! Hitler is coming! I must get bland food for the 13 kids I shived out my twat!”

Two old polish guys sandwiched me in and started having an animated conversation with lots of hand gestures jostling me and smacking my arm and no amount of dirty looks would stop him, they don’t have manners there, I guess. I went to go sit on the floor.

Another loudmouthed black guy was trying to sell some $60 bottle of liquor for $20, he got no takers and of course found my hidey hole, made a big show of pulling out his sail foam and telling the other party he “wanted to make a transaction”.

Lots of shoving, line cutting and pretending they don’t understand how this shit works week after fucking week, and I’ve had to subject myself to it lately. It makes you feel empty to have to be around fucking trash just to survive.



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