As I get older, I try to find more enjoyment in being a homebody in the winter. I feel like I’m getting rads in Fallout venturing out into the cold taking another freaky ride on the Cta. It is like a dangerous section of the wasteland just getting to the El some days, a gauntlet of fucktards blocking the sidewalk and when the train is idling before departure, some psychotic homeless changing seats, looking like they’re going to do something violent any second, passing between train cars aimlessly finally settling down to give us a creepy thousand yard stare.

I haven’t owned a car since 2007 and before moving here and there was such a great freedom in being able to travel alone and not have psychos impose themselves on you. I wish I knew how to escape Chicago and go someplace simpler again. I never intended to be here so long. Cta rides don’t start having eye candy at least until Belmont and I realize I’m a different species than these people and they couldn’t conceive of experiences like the two hours of hard hitting fucktard action at the food pantry. Fifty year old linebacker sized polock bitch having a baby tantrum, trying to get her way. I could picture her carrying a tree under her arm like it was nothing. Who puts their cock in women like this? Men are disgusting.

I really envy people who can just read the paper and enjoy a cup of coffee, just really savor not being productive. At least since I started having a smartphone I can more easily ignore creeps and mutants at say, McDonalds while I suck up wifi. I bought a travel thing of lysol because apparently hobos breakdance whilst having diarrhea, shitting on everything but the inside of the bowl. Piss everywhere, too. If I ever need some dumpster Vhs tapes I can get them from rastafarian incense fuck.

I’ve accidentally been 80 percent vegetarian lately, because of the way I’m allocating resources and the smell of processed hamburgers makes me ill sometimes, i can handle mcchicken ok but the burgers seem to just ooze airborne salt and artificial flavors.

The news has been slightly more bearable to watch because they haven’t covered asshole protesters as much lately. I havent gone downtown in a long time because of it because I know I’ll shoot my mouth off and criticizing these delicate little flowers makes you Hitler. Everybody is on the hunt for deep, oenetrating butthurt and as soon as they find somebody offensive, they’re ready to jam that cock deep up their ass and victimize themselves. It’s all bullshit. Grow a thicker skin.



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