fucktard alley

I spent another harrowing few hours with polock assholes having tantrums just to get a little fresh meat and a lot of bland canned goods. The volunteers were extra fucking weird and didn’t grasp the concept I was listening to an audiobook and didn’t want to talk about Jesus. Headphones! How do they fucking work? I can’t hear you! I’m a fucking jew anyways. Hey Jesus, I only have one nail left, cross your legs.

Passing back through fucktard central, a huge wildebeest was doing some kind of angry buffalo mating dance next to her wheelie suitcase. I’m sure some skinny fuck dipped his unwashed cock in that after watching the lava lamp ripple of her lard and the sensual sounds of dieseling busses. It was fucking cold but there was lots of bustouts and aggressive male posturing about. This summer is gonna suck, I’m going to scrounge for cab fare just to traverse the most treacherous three blocks home.


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