Who gives a fuck!?

Now that it’s warm, it’s panhandling season. Fucking everywhere in my neighborhood.

I usually go to Jewel super early to avoid nonsense. In the nearly empty parking lot some crazed fuck approached me and immediately unleashed some well practiced story on me.

Blah blah my grandma lives on Morse and blah blah blah I’m gay and all this bullshit that doesn’t mean fucking anything to me and I yelled “I can’t give you any money!” And it was so devastating to him. Can’t I go to the store in peace? It is not my job to support you. Just fuck off and die.

These fuckers are everywhere. I finally saw the guy on the Red Line train who needs $40 to get to Rockford for some bullshit. It’s been posted that he’s been telling this story for years now. There’s the well dressed bald black guy who wants to be a social worker through the magic of panhandling somehow. I’ve seen that asscock chugging a giant jug of wine on the bus.

Don’t these cocksuckers know we all post these stories for everyone to read? I will never willingly give any money to a beggar. They can fuck themselves.


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